1# Correlation to Startup Success: $340M AUM, Clear Ventures's GP, Rajeev Madhavan (2x founder)

Episode Summary

Join Adam O'Donnell, the host of TheTop.VC, as he interviews Rajeev Madhavan, founder and general partner of Clear Ventures. Discover how Rajeev looks for startups to invest in, focusing on a team's ability to endure the ups and downs and have expertise in technology. Furthermore, he shares his personal outlook on his career, emphasizing the need to focus on what went right instead of what went wrong. Rajeev also talks about their unique approach to venture capitalism, using software called ClearConnect to automate finding customers, getting investments for subsequent rounds, and accessing good talent with outstanding success. They also discuss how startups are judged based on their ability to handle the stress that comes with it. Finally, learn how Rajeev tests for founders' dedication and work ethic in early stage pitches. Plus, Adam reveals his passion for gardening, and the episode ends with a call to action for listeners to hear more from Rajeev through the sponsor, CLEAR. Don't miss out on this exciting episode of TheTop.VC.

Episode Notes

Finding Investment Success with Clear Ventures' Rajeev Madhavan

Clear Ventures' founder and general partner, Rajeev Madhavan, knows what it takes to succeed in early stage investment. During a recent episode of TheTop.VC podcast with host Adam O'Donnell, Madhavan shared his insights on what he looks for when considering an investment opportunity.

Madhavan emphasized the importance of having a strong background in technology. However, pedigree and expertise are only part of the equation. The next key factor is trust. Startups require resilience and the ability to handle the uphill battles that come with building a company from the ground up. Madhavan stressed that successful founders are those who persevere through adversity and come out the other side.

Here are three tips for founders looking to secure investment from Clear Ventures:

1. Build a strong foundation in technology.

2. Showcase your ability to weather challenges.

3. Be passionate about your company and its purpose.

Madhavan's passion for startups, and belief in their potential to create change in the world, is contagious. Investors and founders alike should tune in to TheTop.VC podcast to learn more from this successful venture capitalist.