Navigating Fundraising Challenges: Insights from Whizz's Co-founder Mike Peregudov, Post $1.5M Seed Extension

Episode Summary

Mike Peregudov shared his experience of overcoming fundraising challenges and offered valuable insights on the importance of a structured process, tailored pitches, and incorporating the company's vision and mission. We'll delve into Mike's journey, practical advice, and data-driven insights to help founders navigate the fundraising landscape.(00:06:35) But this current seed round extension we raised mostly from early stage funds and angel investors and they are not that mission and vision is not that important for them. QUOTE (00:12:49) Our monthly updates, we build them like beautiful PDFs and a lot of news inside, quite honest, being honest there being sharing a lot of details. And these monthly updates converted few investors for sure, maybe even more than few. Like, I don't know, 30% of our investors came after getting three to four monthly updates from us.