[$9.9M Raised] Do you have a moat? Answering VC's, funding 101: David Fink, CEO Postie

Episode Summary

Join Adam O'Donnell on TheTop.VC podcast as he talks to Dave Fink, founder of Postie, about his experience in raising a reasonable seed round, building disruptive technology, and finding a revenue model to offset costs. Dave shares his insights on how to approach VCs during the fundraising process and emphasizes the importance of having thick skin and a belief in the product. He also discusses the need to focus on the value a business provides and not get bogged down by the noise and risks that come with fundraising. Tune in to learn how Postie is helping founders who are considering raising and how they are disrupting the offline marketing space. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation between Adam and Dave - listen to TheTop.VC now! - Thank you GPT via Podflow for the summary!